Welcome! I am a multi-faceted actor, voiceover artist, singer, and puppeteer that has taken on many peculiar roles from a soul eating nightmare that plays with its food, to a passionately unfeigned space alien searching for Rock n’ Roll music.

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Actor Chase Bernard
One of the most powerful things about acting is how there is always something new to learn. You could study acting your whole life, and only just scratch the surface of what it really means to step into the shoes of another person. This pursuit has always captivated me, and is what has continued to push me as both an actor and as a human being.

I started acting at a very young age, which began with getting cast as Winthrop in The Music Man, which was insane given that I had never auditioned for anything before that point. The acting bug bit me, and since then I’ve been pushing myself to dive into my craft as much as humanly possible.

I graduated from Louisiana State University, where I was involved in many theatre productions and short films. I also started the Improv Club of LSU, which is still going strong to this day, and went to compete in the College Improv Tournament where we won the Southwest Regionals in early 2020.

Since LSU I have continued to push my craft to further heights, where I’ve worked on some small budget films as well as productions with Theatre Baton Rouge and Playmakers. I have also recently began playing as Ziggy in the Louisiana Public Broadcasting Network’s new original puppet show, Ziggy’s Arts Adventure, which has been absolutely awesome.

I’m excited to see where my acting journey will take me, and I hope to continue to push the boundaries on what it means to step into a character truthfully and wholeheartedly.

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